About us:

Lead Free logbook Loan Company is an independent company that is specially created to provide loans to the vehicle owners of the United Kingdom. Our basic aim is to provide knowledge and assistance to those borrowers who are looking for a logbook loan. Our company has dedicated its quality services and the most accurate rates to all of its customers that are not provided by anyone else. Our members are available 24/7 to help our customers by providing free and impartial services.

We have been working for many years to serve the logbook loan providers and now we are one of the best logbook loan providers in the United Kingdom with a continuous effort of providing the most exact rates. We have links with the top lenders in the United Kingdom that providing best deals to our customers so they can borrow easily. Lead Free is dedicated to provide logbook loans that are equally fair, easily understandable and accurate for our customers.

We treat our customers like a family member with providing very honest and sincere advice which force them to come back to us when they need the loan again. Our organization is fully committed to providing a friendly advice and knowledge to all those people who are in the need of logbook loans. We believe in fairness and quality of our work to be provided to the customers.

Our mission is to provide credible logbook loan services. Our online logbook calculator has been specially designed after putting together all of our resources so that it will benefit everyone who is in need of a logbook loan. We believe ourselves to be expert in assisting our customers who are in need of money. So we provide them with the money within a period of 24 hours.

Lead-free logbook loan has helped many different people all over in the United Kingdom when they weren’t getting a loan from any other place in the country because of a bad credit card. Our lenders are more devoted to serving the people therefore; we trust people, and provide them loans against their own vehicles. Our company has links with the lenders that provide very low-interest rates and deals to our customers.

Lead Free logbook loan calculator is a real time calculator that provides you an estimation of your weekly repayments. This calculator is designed to provide overall cost with the most instant results. In building such a finer product, we have put all our efforts into it so that it will provide the best accurate results. Lead Free logbook calculator quickly tells you how much you have to pay back in one week according to the amount that you select so that you will be able to choose the amount according to the repayments.

There are no misleading advertisements and the best advantage of this calculator is that it is free to use anytime and anywhere. And you can use it as many times as you want to. This is completely designed for you.